INE HOLSTEENS     screenwriter - director

Ine Holsteens (1982) is a writer/director. Before studying film and screenwriting, Ine got her Master’s degree in psychology, because she’d always been interested in human thoughts and emotions, behavior and interactions.

Her profound insight in human psychology, creates a sense of intimacy and connection between the characters and audience. Allowing the viewers to fully immerse themselves in the story and become emotionally invested.


In 2018, Ine made her 3rd fiction short film ‘A Cure For Sleep’, which was screened on several national and international film festivals.


She now works as a freelance writer/director in fiction. Currently, she’s writing her own first TV series (comedy), a co-production of Menuetto & Fobic Films, with a lot of passion and dedication!

Tel: +32 473 28 74 32

+32 473 28 74 32